Read and Share
Your Kindle Highlights and Notes
All in One Place


Snippefy is the only app that syncs to Amazon Kindle.


With a single tap, you have all your highlights and notes in hand.


Never lose track of notes. Export to Evernote and Dropbox instantly.

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Refer to your highlights anywhere, anytime. Study, recall, rehearse.


Effortlessly share your notes on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Convert highlights and notes to PDF or text. Email right from your device.

Story Behind Snippefy

We know readers are leaders—books are integral to our education, our culture and our exploration.
I realized that the most important content in ebooks are the highlights and notes as I myself wanted to access and share that content, easily, anytime I chose.

Snippefy truly has made reading a more enjoyable experience for me, my friends and my associates.
I believe it will for you too.


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Nathan Liao

Founder / CEO

After reading ebooks on my Kindle, I wanted to compile and share my highlights on-the-go. Unfortunately, I didn’t find an app that could help me with it, and the idea of Snippefy was born.

  • This is the app I’ve been looking for! A perfect companion to a serious reader. Simple, useful and intuitive.

  • What I love about Snippefy, is the tremendous convenience and usability. I can finally put my Kindle notes and highlights to work!

  • Snippefy is the app I’ve wanted since the day I got my Kindle. Having all my highlights in my pocket is a game changer.